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  Hell is Eux Autres by Eux Autres

Hell is Eux Autres cover art

Artist: Eux Autres
Title: Hell is Eux Autres
Catalogue Number: Bon Mots Music BON002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Portland, Oregon must be a nice place to live. Bluesbunny does not know that for sure of course but judging on the evidence of this album by brother and sister duo Eux Autres, they make nice music. Remarkably civilised (and even French in parts) it makes a change from all that nasty loud rock music that we are known to like.

There is a jaunty little song of teenage love in "Other Girls". It all seems so sweet and innocent just like they used to do way back in the fifties. We just so happened to be listening to an early Phil Spector production by the Teddy Bears and we could hear their spiritual antecedents. They have got that nineties' indie pop sound tied right down too as evidenced by the catchy "The Sundance Kid". Heather Larimer's soft, youthful vocals give a pleasing ethereal quality to "Wind and Windows". Ending on a rather surreal note with "Le Project Citron" ("… ten thousand lemons don't make a renegade"), this song proved to be our favourite. There is nothing like a bit of quirkiness to catch our attention.

This Bluesbunny kept thinking of them of a sort of White Stripes who instead went to college, studied hard, became rather successful certified public accountants and developed a fascination for the films of Francis Truffaut. Quite sweet and quite cool. Just like strawberry ice cream.
Review Date: September 30 2007