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  Anthems in Clams by Ross Clark

Anthems in Clams cover art

Artist: Ross Clark
Title: Anthems in Clams
Catalogue Number: Instinctive Racoon RSCD001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Glasgow's Ross Clark is something of an enigma. A bit of a cross between Morrissey, Woody Allen and Roy Orbison, he brings a deranged twist to what would otherwise have been standard singer songwriter fayre on this five track EP.

"I Am I Was" positively snarls with that twisted anger, anguish and a tangible feel of frustration as he proclaims "…I don't want to seem like I  am desperate for love" as he loses his love to someone altogether more mature. The title track "Anthems in Clams" goes all Simon & Garfunkel to accompany some angst ridden but rather poetic lyrics. "It's All Worthwhile" is rather more twee but the closing track "Gold on their Faces" sells it for us. We are not exactly sure what the lyrics mean but it is just one of those compelling songs that you tell people about. This song rambles, it wanders and it throws in surreal bits to distract you from the mundane existence that it describes and then delivers the knockout punch with "…I'm not here to make you happy". We are sure that the aforementioned Morrissey would approve.

There is no doubt that there is much in the way of passion on display here. One of the signs of a true entertainer is the way that they grab your attention and make you forget - temporarily - about beer. It would seem that Ross Clark has that kind of talent. It is always rewarding to encounter music with that stamp of individuality and there is indeed much promise here.
Review Date: October 2 2007