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  Have No Past EP by LoneLady

Have No Past EP cover art

Artist: LoneLady
Title: Have No Past EP
Catalogue Number: Filthy Home Recordings FHCD0102
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Bluesbunny has thing about perfection. The pursuit of perfection often renders the results sterile and uninteresting. Now this is particularly the case with much music today. The joys of digital sound enables anybody and his brother to spend their time removing all the soul from music and making the Bluesbunny ears yearn for the hiss and distortion that used to characterise independent music all the way back to doo-wop and the primitive rock 'n' roll.

Fortunately, we get no polish with this 5 track EP from Manchester's LoneLady. In fact, the first thing we get an overdose of distortion in "Cattletears". Following on is the anguished, discordant, drum machine driven "I Won't - He Won't". "Accord", despite being the most commercial track on show, is something of a catharsis. The title track "Have No Past" is a quality piece of post punk despair mixing up Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Slits. Standing head and shoulders over all the other songs, however, is the truly affecting "The Forest". Folk flavoured - and none the worse for it - this song has a hypnotic, quasi-spiritual feel to it that made us think of it as musical fairytale. A proper Brothers Grimm fairytale at that, bringing impending storms into our thoughts with the overdriven guitar break.

So this was quite a refreshing change for the Bluesbunny. It was indeed gratifying to find a musician that still promotes their individuality. Whilst many of you will find this approach hard to take having been brought up with our clone obsessed music business but you should make the effort to adjust your ears. Just like good food, you have to learn how to appreciate it and after you do, there is no going back.
Review Date: October 3 2007