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  Electricshow by Curly & the Rocket

Electricshow cover art

Artist: Curly & the Rocket
Title: Electricshow
Catalogue Number: Burning Barn Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

This duo from Washington DC creates a surprisingly big sound.  Curly provides the powerhouse vocals whilst keeping a perfect beat going on her drum kit, and has clearly moved on several stages from the whole walking and chewing gum thing in terms of mastering multi-tasking.  While it is the aptly named Rocket who delivers the exuberant and intricate, but never boring, guitar licks in the manner of Clapton and Page.

Their flair and creativity is apparent right from the superb, attention-grabbing opening track "The River" with its smoothly rocking guitar that seamlessly blends with the soulful vocals and gospel tinged lyrics.  "Gold For Salt" takes them into Cream territory, and they come up trumps with a storming "Sunshine Of Your Love" type performance that sees the Rocket at his Claptonesque best and Curly doing a more than passable imitation of Mr Baker on the drums - and on this evidence who needs a bassist anyway, just think of them as a sort of economy sized super group!

With "Sadie" they take on the mantle of country rock in a Little Feet sort of vein.  And the gentler closing track "A Vision" shouldn't be overlooked; with just piano as backing this fine ballad gives Curly the opportunity to show off the softer side of her vocal skills.  The highlight though is "Stevie", which at just over six minutes long is an epic and enthralling piece of rock, and a tale of how money can't replace love and a caring touch.

Despite the role reversal on the vocal front comparison to the White Stripes seems certain.  Though there is some justification in this, the music this pair are creating is very much their own.  And they certainly shouldn't be regarded as just a paler shade of white.
Review Date: October 4 2007