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  Ladylike Side One by Storm Large

Ladylike Side One cover art

Artist: Storm Large
Title: Ladylike Side One
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Storm does music with a sense of theatre and flamboyance that leaves you feeling exhilarated.  The songs are outstanding, the vocals are ferocious, and with attitude aplenty she certainly makes you sit up and take notice.  This is the sort of music Madonna would be making if only she could still be bothered.

Our favourite track has to be "Fat Chick's Revenge".  With an ironic sense of justice that appeals to our warped sense of humour it is the rock music equivalent of the ugly duckling fable - and it is just great music that you want to play over and over again.  Nor are we short of choice when it comes to selecting more highlights from the remaining six tracks.  "Beautiful" is a wonderfully constructed song of subtle phrasing and lyrics counterbalanced with an intensity of sound that surges to hit you full on.  "You & You & Me" is a superb out-and-out rock song that is carried along on a driving beat from the rhythm section; whereas with "Where Is My Mind" we have Storm displaying her softer side as she delivers a passionate performance that befits this fine ballad.

The somewhat curious title to the CD has reason behind its apparent madness as we are promised 'side two' sometime early in 2008.  And if it's as good as this one, it's a 'B-side' that is going to be worth waiting for.
Review Date: October 10 2007