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  Sound About You by Fuzzface

Sound About You cover art

Artist: Fuzzface
Title: Sound About You
Catalogue Number: RSFF0307
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Following on from their rather fine album "Are We Nearly there Yet?" Fuzzface step up the volume on their new album "Sound About You". It is a big, loud, proud album. It swaggers. It struts. It exudes the confidence of a real band doing what they do best.

There are many highlights. Try the Hammond organ on "In a Hullabaloo" for an example of the sheer driving power that exudes from this album. Even the ballad "Walk Across the Sea" is delivered with an almost Stax like passion. Feel the need for a wall shaking guitar solo? Check out "Some Things Ain't Meant To Be".  Want a perfect single for the summer? We recommend the title track "Sound About You". The Bluesbunny favourite was the manic "(Not Now) I'm in a Hot Tub". In the sterile, plastic wilderness that the music business has become, Fuzzface has brought some much needed reality. Put a band in a big shed and record the consequences. The result is a glorious concoction of quality song writing and room shaking energy. 100% real with no artificial additives. History tells us that down at the crossroads a certain Mr Johnson sold his soul to the devil to play like this band.

There is no doubting the influence of the Kinks on the song writing but the band's powerhouse performance would fill a stadium without a problem. Quintessentially British pop music but with the energy to take on the world. In case you have not guessed, we liked this one. A lot. Now, will somebody please tell me why this band has not yet hit the big time?
Review Date: June 20 2007