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  Bloody Honey by Bloody Honey

Bloody Honey cover art

Artist: Bloody Honey
Title: Bloody Honey
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

When you think of Italy you probably think of stylish fashions, sleek high performance cars or stunning architectural designs.  We can guarantee with a fair degree of certainty that you probably don't think of grunge rock bands.  Well, with Bloody Honey, all that may be about to change.  This Italian based outfit (who sing predominately in English) seems to have taken a page straight out of the Seattle bands who's who.  The page that had Nirvana and Pearl Jam on it if this seven track CD is anything to go by.

They feature fuzzy guitars and thumping bass riffs at the heart of their music, and of course it comes with the obligatory sense of bleakness.  Among the highlights are "At Least" where they are at their grungiest best, and "September, 3rd" which is more a high tempo outright rock performance.  And with "Lady Frustration" they pay homage to Kurt Kobain, vocally and stylistically, with a great 'soft verse, hard chorus' track that is right on the money.  We suspect that if this band were in the land of their heroes they would be garnering some serious attention by now.  And perhaps the catwalks Milan may be about to experience an overdue blast of grunge.
Review Date: October 12 2007