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  3 The Mordorlorff Collection by The Krinkles

3 The Mordorlorff Collection cover art

Artist: The Krinkles
Title: 3 The Mordorlorff Collection
Catalogue Number: Mordorlorff Music MM 0002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Established Chicago outfit The Krinkles reach their third album with the enigmatically titled "3 The Mordorlorff Collection".  And with a title that could have been lifted straight from a Hammer House of Horror film, you might well think that you were in for a Goth or Glam Metal sound.  Well, you'd be wrong.  Instead what you get is a pop sound that has been distilled down to its purest form.

"Dirty Girl" is by far the standout track; it is a storming piece of pure pop that should be setting the airwaves alight if there were any justice.  The other tracks that caught our ears are the bass led and somewhat more subtle mid-tempo sound of "Sweet On You", and "Friday Night" which has a bit more of a 60's feel to it.

While we enjoyed the album as a whole, curiously, even after several plays, few of the tracks really stuck in our minds.  It was a case of knowing you'd enjoyed it, but not being able to remember the reasons why.  Nevertheless this is a band that has clearly spent time and effort learning their craft.  And they are a band that power pop fanatics should be listening to. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: October 18 2007