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  Neither Use Nor Ornament by Kelly's Heels

Neither Use Nor Ornament cover art

Artist: Kelly's Heels
Title: Neither Use Nor Ornament
Catalogue Number: Warmfuzz fuzz0111
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Retro 60's cool is what this band is all about.  And we are talking about pre 'summer of love' 60's sounds here.  When the music was still all fresh faced and innocent.  When it had not yet caught a severe dose of reality in the shape of 'nam, political assassinations and establishment scandals that shook everyone's beliefs and values to the core.

The opening track, "The Same Mistake", shows them at their best with an up beat number that has a hint of the northern soul sound about it.  "Ring Ring Ring" has a bit of time distortion going on, being a song about the irritation of mobile phones set to the backdrop of a Small Faces meets The Kinks sound.  Of the others "Think Again" and "Bombshell Baby" are a couple of boisterous numbers that you can't help but take a liking to; while "Walk Again" is a great understated ballad that more than holds it own amongst this predominantly up tempo collection of songs.

This is music that conjures up the images and feelings of an era that has achieved an elevated place in the consciousness of the nation.  An era that if you were there, then allegedly you can't remember it; and if you weren't, you wished you had been.  In essence it is the music of the mop-top era Beatles, with hints of the Motown of Holland Dozier and Holland thrown in.  And let's face it; there should always be a place for that type of music. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: October 18 2007