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  Another World by Tim Arnold

Another World cover art

Artist: Tim Arnold
Title: Another World
Catalogue Number: WE7 Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

It's as well to note that classical music has, in an almost perverse way, experienced a resurgence in recent times. From the ailing health and eventual death of Luciano Pavarotti to the sheer anatomical correctness of Katharine Jenkins, it hasn't done badly recently. London-born classical music devotee Tim Arnold delivers a modestly-prepared album of classically-tinged pop songs in "Another World". Bluesbunny lends two more or less able ears to the album.

The very making of Arnold's compositions is the combination of sweeping orchestral sounds, Coldplay-esque piano-touching, and Mr. Arnold's almost-girly voice. The patient strings of opening number "If You Could See Hope" eventually lead to a sweetly-strung ode to the at-a-loss lover. The lack of momentum continues onto title track "Another World", although from this track seeps a greater feeling of drama and emotion; a sign of things to come?

Unfortunately, yes. Tim Arnold excels in the relatively-unmanned field of laptop-classical instrumentation, but this sound - though consistently top-notch throughout the album - does not pair up well with his innocent altar boy voice. "Something Special" is Arnold at his lyrical best, and this track probably offers the most of all on the album as far as commercial appeal is concerned. However, the grim truth is that Arnold's reflective and expressive - at times, pretty - blend of classical, pop, and folk is just too dreary. As with any artist, he will have his fans, but this album of admittedly soulful tunes is unlikely to widen his appeal.
Review Date: October 18 2007