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  Foxtrot Vandals b/w Song to the Embers by Zoey van Goey

Foxtrot Vandals b/w Song to the Embers cover art

Artist: Zoey van Goey
Title: Foxtrot Vandals b/w Song to the Embers
Catalogue Number: Say Dirty Records SDD005
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Well you gotta have a name for your band. Something catchy, something meaningful perhaps, or just something odd and indeed arty like Zoey van Goey.

Leading of with sweet harmonies and jangly guitars, Zoey van Goey takes us off on a journey into that happy place known as indie pop land with the A side "Foxtrot Vandals". This song does seem almost psychedelic - but only for personal consumption of course, officer - lyrically ("… I dreamed your dress was made of mirrors") and disappears as quickly as it had appeared. Whizz, bang, gone! It was all kind of twee but in a good way.

On the B side (God, as a vinyl junkie, I love how that sounds) is something altogether different in the haunting and melodramatic "Song to The Embers". In the deepest depths of student disco land, you can see the strobes flashing and the dancefloor heaving to the hypnotic beat whilst all eyes stare meaningfully at the floor and the assembled masses shuffle self consciously. Discounting the trendiness, this is a storming good song.

This is indeed bouncy indie pop but it is also damnably catchy. Produced by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, its pedigree is immaculate. So if you are in the mood for a bit of navel gazing (where does that blue fluff come from anyway?) then this should hit the mark. But funnily enough, I actually preferred the B side.
Review Date: October 27 2007