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  The Power Hour Album by Ali Spagnola

The Power Hour Album cover art

Artist: Ali Spagnola
Title: The Power Hour Album
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

As a true follower of the teachings of Mojo Nixon, Bluesbunny often finds himself drawn to anything that will provide an excuse for beer consumption. A CD - amusingly called the "Power Hour Album" - that contains not one but sixty songs in the key of alcohol proved to be an irresistible attraction.

With 60 tracks, there is a lot to choose from. We don't want to spend too long on any particular song as it will take longer to describe it than the song actually lasts. This album really does describe the kind of things that the drink will make you do. "Drunk Dialling" - yep, done that. "Text Someone that's Not Here" - now that one did get us into trouble recently as we recall. Some of the songs are lucky to last that minute and some we hoped would last a lot longer such as "Truth Serum". The styles vary from pure cabaret "Alcohol is my Anti-Drug" through show tunes "Song in the Key of an Empty" and on to the techno "Sandwich In a Can". The incongruous thing is that Ali Spagnola actually has a good voice that does not sound in the least drink addled.

Is this a concept album? Is it social commentary on the drink obsessed culture that exists today? Is it the ranting of a practising alcoholic? Or is it just a demented drinking game? - the kind of thing that gets adopted in the best social circles. As long as they have a drink problem that is. Nobody said that music had to be responsible so just wait and see - this album will start a trend and everyone will have to have one. Or sixty.

Anyone for a theme party? Inspirational! Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: February 19 2008