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  Go Go Boot Camp by Gaijin A Go Go

Go Go Boot Camp cover art

Artist: Gaijin A Go Go
Title: Go Go Boot Camp
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

With a sound that is a combination of the B-52's and the Yellow Magic Orchestra, coupled with a 60's go-go girl sound and look, this is a band that almost defies description.  Most of the songs are sung in Japanese (by a 6'1" platinum blonde lead singer!), even though the band mainly hails from New York.  And if that wasn't enough, all this is then supplemented by a Sly and the Family Stone inspired horn section combined with a Bootsy Collins influenced rhythm section.  Trust me; this is a band unlike any other you are likely to come across.

The opening couple of tracks "Chigau" and "Wagamama" set the tone for what is about to follow with a pure 60's funk sound that even Austin Powers wouldn't have dared to attempt!  With "Cinquecento" we have the sort of song Dean Martin would have sung if he was Japanese - honestly!!!  "Soul-chan" gives us another fine piece of horn driven rhythm and funk, while "Nezumi", strange as it may sound, borders on a Dick Dale surf number. Thinking about it, most of this wouldn't have sounded out of place as a soundtrack for "The Man From UNCLE"!

This is funky, soulful fun that gives a retro sound a whole new meaning.  Get the album, get it in the CD player and get in the groove with some good time music from a real good time band.

For more information on Gaijin a Go-Go and to checkout their groovy songs baby, visit their Sonicbids EPK.
Review Date: August 27 2007