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  Early the Haste Comes by Lonelady

Early the Haste Comes cover art

Artist: Lonelady
Title: Early the Haste Comes
Catalogue Number: Too Pure Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

We thought music like Lonelady's "Early the Haste Comes" had been long forgotten but it would seem that it lives on in deepest Manchester. There is something impulsive about Lonelady's performance as if she is about to go out of control. Not just musically either but also emotionally. The guitars are jagged and screech discontent at you and positively revel in their glorious lo-fi primitiveness. In case you are thinking art house, it is most certainly not as the song is conventionally structured but have no doubt it that it fights for your attention. Lonelady's plaintive, almost anguished, vocal style just circles you and strikes like a cobra. Add in those child like keyboards and the almost robotic drumming (by Oid) and you find yourself hypnotised. We are 100% certain that this will never be background music and perhaps, in Lonelady, we have found ourselves the post punk princess that we have been looking for …

Backed with the thematically similar "Joy" but this song is a lot closer to early Joy Division in style and sound. The guitars are tamer and the song is driven by the drums but it does the same thing - one play just isn't enough! Part of a limited edition release, these songs are available on a white vinyl 45rpm single or as downloads. Being old fashioned we got the vinyl edition. It is the right thing to do.
Review Date: November 3 2007