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  Against the Grain by Three Day Threshold

Against the Grain cover art

Artist: Three Day Threshold
Title: Against the Grain
Catalogue Number: Hi-N-Dry Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Few things amuse the Bluesbunny more than beer and loud music, especially when they are combined. Hailing form Boston, Massachusetts, Three Day Threshold have provided us with the ideal soundtrack to what we generally class as social interaction - namely beer and loud music. Unpretentious and with a pleasingly raw edge to their sound, Three Day Threshold did not long to grab our attention with this 16 track release.

Even though they describe themselves as a rock 'n' roll country band, there are strong Irish influences on display. The rip roaring versions of the traditional "Whiskey, you're the Devil" and "Back Home in Derry" illustrate this. If you like to inspect the fluff in your navel then this album probably isn't for you. It quite literally grabs you and the pace never lets up. "Chicken Shack (Baby's Got My Number)" slams you against the wall. By that standard, Colt Thompson's "Right Outside the Door" is a sensitive song but it takes no prisoners either with the passionate vocals carrying you through. The bluesy "Ghost of Jimmy Ryan" features some storming harmonica work but the Bluesbunny favourite was the thunderous chant "A Toast to my Father". Sounding like a more civilised version of the Pogues gone country, this band makes a compelling case for dancing and drinking all night long. So we did. Then we fell over.

Remarkably good songs and riotous good fun then but actually - indeed surprisingly - melodic. At Bluesbunny Towers, we like music that goes well with strong drink. Call us pretentious if you like but this was a gourmet meal.
Review Date: November 4 2007