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  Michelle Newman by Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman cover art

Artist: Michelle Newman
Title: Michelle Newman
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

This absorbing four track EP of songs, all co-written by Michelle, hints that she may have even more to offer in the future.  The songs themselves are evenly split between the standard guitar led rock song, and those with more of a piano influence to the fore.  And it is the piano backed tracks that are the ones that standout.  Her voice just seems to suit the more subtle backing and the greater freedom that the piano gives her to fully express herself.

Michelle's voice has just a touch of a rough edged quality that gives her performances greater poignancy (a bit like Rod Stewart in some ways, but with a better hair style!).  And nowhere is this more evident than on the final track "One Last Time".  A fine ballad, sung to just a piano backing, which has a touch of class about it while somehow also having a certain roadhouse roughness.  "Silly Girl" and "Goodnight Kiss" it has to be said are a couple of fairly standard if not unpleasant rockers; however the other piano influenced track, "Pay It Forward" is also a cut above the norm.  This little collection of songs bodes well for Michelle's future.
Review Date: November 5 2007