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  Every Damn Time by Black Diamond Heavies

Every Damn Time cover art

Artist: Black Diamond Heavies
Title: Every Damn Time
Catalogue Number: Alive Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

The Black Diamond Heavies come at you real quick on their debut full length album Every Damn Time. The self described punk-ass blues duo from Tennessee make a bold start with "Fever in My Blood" that features plenty of cymbals and a stimulating organ that gets the toes tapping and the head nodding.

This song is then immediately chased by the sorrowful eight minute ballad of "All to Hell" which blends John Wesley Myers' coarse vocals with a rousing brass section. The song truly demonstrates the bands strong blues roots and is a fine example of the influences of blues greats like John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles and Muddy Waters. The juxtaposition of these two songs at the start of the album demonstrates what this band is capable of. "Let Me Coco", however, is a short and sweet instrumental that brings the listener right back into a little shoulder dance and rolls nicely into "Poor Brown Sugar" with its pleasing, classic, raspy blues beat. The album roars on and really picks up speed with the track "White Bitch" that stands out as the band vent; "Steal my will and kill my friends. Fuck cocaine. Fuck cocaine." The album closes on an altogether rougher note with "Guess You Gone and Fucked It All Up", which consists of Myers and drummer Van Campbell merely taking turns repeating the songs title over top of a simple but sneaky beat. This is one song that doesn't do the album justice.

Every Damn Time is a solid album that shows the Black Diamond Heavies' ability to expand from traditional blues style and move on to intense but soulful lyrics all on the same album. Combined with the unparalleled gracelessness of Myers voice, the Black Diamond Heavies present a wicked album and give us an innovative sound that is a great addition to the new blues scene.
Review Date: November 8 2007