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  After My Divorce by Looker

After My Divorce cover art

Artist: Looker
Title: After My Divorce
Catalogue Number: Serious Business SBR15
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

New York's Looker hits us with another piece of powerpop meets post punk perfection. Mixing a neat Sex and the City sensibilities - "… sipping Campari after my divorce" - with sweet harmonies and an everybody-join-in hook, it is a testament to the art of the perfect pop song. Played with precision and infused with drama, you cannot fail to like this good natured ditty. Catchy!

Backed with an ode to the joys of second hand love, memories of the Go-Gos just flooded back. With Robbie Overbey's fifties'style r&b drumming powering things along, you can sing along as it plays on your car stereo whilst you sit stuck at the crossroads of life. Uplifting!

Another fine slice of 45rpm black vinyl. Also available as a digital download but we think that it is best appreciated on vinyl. Shadow Morton would undoubtedly have approved of these songs.
Review Date: November 9 2007