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  Killing Time EP by Dropkick

Killing Time EP cover art

Artist: Dropkick
Title: Killing Time EP
Catalogue Number: Taylored Records TRCD007
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Damn, those Edinburgh popsters Dropkick are productive! Turn your back on them for a moment and they have released some more songs. Their new EP "Killing Time" adds another six songs to their published catalogue.

Perhaps they feel summer passing as the harmonies get closer to the Beach Boys this time round. The title track "Killing Time" turns out to be one of their most sensitive songs and not an ode to mass destruction. "A Heart that's True" is also as gentle and touching as their best work. "Donder Song" - the best track on this EP - is a genuine charmer with captivating harmonies and a jaunty banjo driving it all along. Just the thing to get you singing along. The closing track "Hello" is altogether rockier but retains the same lyrical sensibilities.

Try as I might, I cannot dislike Dropkick. They make a kind of sweet, harmonious popular music that gladdens the heart. Whilst this release is not up to the standard of their excellent "Turning Circles" album, it certainly serves as a reminder of sunnier and simpler times and is consequently a worthy purchase. Available from their website
Review Date: November 12 2007