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  I Need A German Woman by Blue Sole Shoe Revue

I Need A German Woman cover art

Artist: Blue Sole Shoe Revue
Title: I Need A German Woman
Catalogue Number: BSSR CD01
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1999

Everybody knows the Bluesbunny likes a drink or two. Many of you will also have figured out that the Bluesbunny suffers from a bit of an addiction to collecting things like stamps, beer bottles, CDs and strippers. This small problem often leads us away from the path to righteousness and sometimes makes us do stupid things like max out the credit card on music purchases.

On one particular escapade, we found this album "I Need a German Woman" by the Blue Sole Shoe Revue. A title like that is just irresistible to us and we had to buy it. Well, you could say that it is the blues but not as we know it for we doubt that Willie Dixon ever lusted after a fraulein (well, he might have but he never wrote about it anyway). A fine example of a song about an unhealthy obsession without a doubt. The harmonica led "I Need a Gun and a Drink" leads us further down a morally ambiguous trail. There are covers of blues standards like T Bone Walker's "Cold, Cold Feeling" and Willie Dixon's "Too Late" as well that are handled with respect and feeling. Barring the title track, our favourite track was "Blues'd Up" with Chaz Leary's washboard adding that something special to the song.

This is an album of good natured, big city blues played by musicians who obviously love what they are doing. With the exception of the first two tracks, it is a pretty conventional effort too but "I Need a German Woman" is just that little bit sleazy and that makes the album for us. Bluesbunny is glad to note that there is more than one man in search of a German woman. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: November 23 2007