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  Unaffected by Alexander Murray

Unaffected cover art

Artist: Alexander Murray
Title: Unaffected
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Stepping right into the firing line is not an option that many of us would take. The solo singer songwriter has no option in the matter. Glasgow based Alexander Murray has taken this option with the release of this collection, his debut album. With only a guitar to keep him company, he sings and plays with an edgy energy.

Opening with the dark and moral "City Streets", he sets the tone for the album. Pain and redemption are themes that he returns to many times in these songs. In "River So Wide", he sings with a palpable sense of loss in what might otherwise be classed as a love song. There is a poetry to his lyrics that is especially evident in "Never Gonna Fly" balanced with some fine Davy Graham styled guitar work. The closing song on this album, "I Don't Want to Talk About It", was a highlight. Mr Murray's impassioned voice soars in this song about words left unspoken. Despite the darkness of the soul exposed on many of the songs, there is a sense of hope in it all. He has not given up his fight.

One of the things that are often missed from modern music is intelligence. Give the people a jolly, danceable beat and don't worry about the song having any lasting value. Change the piper but the song remains the same. Some of us will always dance to the tune of a different piper, however. His name is Alexander Murray. Whilst this release is not without flaws, his honest, sometimes raw, lyrics and intense delivery make this a recommendation for those of us who have lived in the shadows and in the light. Available by worldwide mail order from CD Baby
Review Date: February 19 2008