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  All Made Up by Moyer

All Made Up cover art

Artist: Moyer
Title: All Made Up
Catalogue Number: Newporthill Records 0607
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

This album from Vancouver's Moyer is a bit of an oddity in many ways.  It has a certain quirkiness in style and lyrics.  And at times it harks back to the likes of Noel Coward with clever humorous songs such as "Ursula".  Then again a song like "I Were You" comes across as bang up to date in the Mika mode.  So it is certainly an album that gets noticed.  No mean feat in itself amongst the ever increasing ocean of flotsam and jetsam that now seems to be available.

Having gotten themselves noticed, is it any good?  Well, generally speaking yes, although at times they do veer just a bit to far in the direction of eccentricity and on occasions they can be little too clever for their own good.  However the music is distinct, with a piano fronted off-beat sort of sound, and the lyrics are inventive.  And putting our pickiness aside there are some excellent songs contained within the album.  Along with the aforementioned "Ursula" and "I Were You", the intricately weaved "Vacancy" and pop influenced "What We Have In Common" are among the other highlights.

This is an album that you will need to take some time over, however it could be time well spent.  They combine elements of the musical styles of John Lennon, Ray Davies and Paul Simon to create a sound that in many ways is ideally suited to the audience of today.  It is indeed an interesting blend, and on the whole one that just about works.
Review Date: December 6 2007