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  Call and Response EP by Sunny Intervals

Call and Response EP cover art

Artist: Sunny Intervals
Title: Call and Response EP
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop! Records 007
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

As summer fades from our memory for another year, Bluesbunny normally feels the need for some hard rock music to express his frustration at the thought of the damp, cold months ahead. So what do we find in the CD player today? The Call and Response EP from London's Sunny Intervals, that's what and you don't get much further away from hard rock than that.

In an era of technical perfection, these recordings have an appeal of their own. Recorded in a London flat, "Let the City Run Away From You" could easily be mistaken for political commentary if it wasn't so nice. "Sunset on Parliament Hill" is the closest that we get to rocking out but even then it is about as hard as Morrissey. In case you think that there is more sugar in these songs than there is in a Mars Bar then listen carefully, for those lyrics have a perceptive quality and there is a definite poetry to them. Our favourite was the closing song "Lights Out over Kilburn" that comes over all emotive in a Robert Wyatt meets Elvis Costello kind of way. It just works, trust us!

This is - and we don't mean it as a criticism - nice music. The lo-fi pleasures of this EP just leave you feeling happy (and a bit wistful) and that is not as easy to do you might think. In addition, this is another delightfully handmade packaging job from Wee Pop records and that just adds to the charm of this limited release. Bluesbunny is kind of glad that there are still people out there taking the time to make music their own way.
Review Date: November 29 2007