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  Red Dreams b/w A Mouthful of Pebbles by Vera November

Red Dreams b/w A Mouthful of Pebbles cover art

Artist: Vera November
Title: Red Dreams b/w A Mouthful of Pebbles
Catalogue Number: Too Pure PURE212S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Red Dream. Red Dream. What's in a Red Dream? It would appear that everything is if you listen to this interesting vinyl release by Vera November.  First comes a segment of fairly standard electro disco that then mutates into a fairytale freakiness adding in a wordless vocal chorus for atmosphere. The tinkling piano carrying the melody is then joined by a mournful organ. There is the briefest of pauses and the electro disco takes us on to the fairground for one last trip on the merry go round before it then takes off at speed into the sunset as the credits roll. A soundtrack to a dream indeed. Or maybe a seventies' Czechoslovakian arthouse movie. Not quite sure what it is actually about but it does kind of grow on you.

On the flipside is "A Mouthful of Pebbles", a rather more conventional neo classical piece with strong echoes of Michael Nyman's soundtrack work. Again, this song is atmospheric and emotive suggesting anger and confusion. It also has a curious haunting quality that is difficult to put into words. Like an echo in an empty room perhaps, it is vaguely unsettling rather than being threatening.

This single is another release from the Too Pure Records' Singles Club. You can obtain it via their website.
Review Date: December 16 2007