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  Super Rocket Star by Holly Beth Vincent

Super Rocket Star cover art

Artist: Holly Beth Vincent
Title: Super Rocket Star
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Holly's sound is a mix of rock, electronic and pop, and at times it comes across as an intriguing blend of Goldfrapp and the Eurythmics.  As well as writing all the songs, Holy also plays most of the instruments and co-produces the album.

"King of Fat" has a bit of a Doors feel to it; while "Paris" is an understated track with a cyclic yet catchy beat, (with the earlier versions of these songs being preferable to those later in the album in our opinion).  "Behind 4 Walls" is a solid piece of attention grabbing rock and one of the real highlights.  "Smash" almost verges on country and with Holly giving a husky vocal performance that lights it up, it is another standout track - arguably the highlight of the album.  Of the others, "Arlington" with a bit of a bluesier sound and "I Hate You" with an altogether darker edge are certainly worth checking out.

Although at over an hour it is perhaps a bit over long (and we've never been fans of different versions of the same song on an album), nevertheless with Holly's satisfying vocals at he forefront of some clever and catchy songs it is definitely worthy of your attention.
Review Date: June 20 2007