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  Early Evening b/w Saving by It Hugs Back

Early Evening b/w Saving cover art

Artist: It Hugs Back
Title: Early Evening b/w Saving
Catalogue Number: Too Pure 2135
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

It Hugs Back. A good choice of name for this Kent based band if the tracks on this single are anything to go by. Give them a few plays and the songs become like an old sweater. Warm and comforting in the cold winter days with a not inconsiderable amount of sentiment attached to (perhaps) cover up the fact that your mother knitted it for you.

The A side is "Early Evening". Driven by only the power of the acoustic guitar with a hint of handclapping and finger snapping to season the musical mix, this is a gentle song. Neatly double tracked vocals give a sonic depth to what would otherwise have become overly wistful. As songs go, it is not really about anything. After playing it a few times, we came to the conclusion that listening to it is like staring at a painting and trying to figure out what it is all about. Melodic and pleasing to the ear, it ain't no three course meal but, as a snack to see you through until morning, it will do the job nicely.

On the B side (this must have been what it was like reviewing back in the good old days of vinyl!) is "Saving". This song shows a bit more energy. Ok, you won't mistake this band for the Clash but they give it some with the guitars even if it is more like the Byrds in a bad mood kind of way. Those sweet, harmonious vocals work really well here as - what's the word? - counterpoint even if the song never actually gets dangerous. Yup, this one is a lot more likely to grab your attention and make it on to your iPod.

Another respectable release from Too Pure Records then and available on vinyl (we like vinyl) as part of their subscription based Singles Club. There might even be a matching sweater available.
Review Date: December 22 2007