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  If Girls Don’t Come to Me, I’ll Go Home on My Own by Augusto Monk

If Girls Don’t Come to Me, I’ll Go Home on My Own cover art

Artist: Augusto Monk
Title: If Girls Don’t Come to Me, I’ll Go Home on My Own
Catalogue Number: Monk Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

At Bluesbunny Towers, we like to regard ourselves as the home of the eclectic. There ain't nothing too tough for our reviewers. If you've got the music, we've got the words.  Augusto Monk's "If Girls Don't Come to Me, I'll Go Home on My Own" dropped through the letterbox unannounced. Curious as always, we opened the package and found what was described as a comic audio book with songs. Interesting. Bluesbunny poured himself a(nother) tequila and put the CD in the player and opened the accompanying booklet.

As this is a sort of audio book, there has to be a story. We certainly have a story here as the narrator quits his job as a roadie for an Elvis impersonator to focus his efforts on making new female acquaintances. On the side, the narrator tells us that he occasionally does some investigative work on the side for the hairy arm pitted owner of the neighbourhood lesbian coffee shop.  The plot thickens. However, the side effects of going without female companionship for so long has caused him to become a bit obsessive about it all. Needless to say, he turns out to have even less success in that department even after getting a job in a cheese shop. To quote a classic line he decides to chop his balls off and hang them on his door handle with a sign "… reading Closed for holidays from life; never coming back". All this is interspersed with a selection of jazzy interludes with suitably acerbic, indeed bitter lyrics played one man band style by the self same Augusto Monk. Bluesbunny was reminded of the lyrics of the legendary Blowfly as the story unfolded except that Mr Monk would appear to be a loser in love.

This album made us laugh and that's a fact. Mind you, we also like the films of Jess Franco who is either viewed as a film auteur or an exploitationist. If you have mainstream tastes then this might not appeal and there is certainly adult content here. However, the Bluesbunny has to give this the thumbs up. We actually laughed so much that we spilt our drink.
Review Date: December 26 2007