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  That’s Not Me b/w Song or Souvenir by Sarah Williams & the So Called Friends

That’s Not Me b/w Song or Souvenir cover art

Artist: Sarah Williams & the So Called Friends
Title: That’s Not Me b/w Song or Souvenir
Catalogue Number: Louder Than Bombs LTB006
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Sometimes there is more Nashville in British country music than the product released from the country music capital of the world. Maybe it is the ever present ghost of folk music in this part of the world that rescues things by, to overuse a well overused phrase, keeping it real. Sarah Williams & the So Called Friends have that essential warm, downhome charm needed by that genre.

"That's Not Me" is a flirty little number. Our Sarah's vice soars over the tasteful and effective contributions from the assembled musicians with Tom Corbridge's subtle Lap Steel work standing out. She is a bit Nancy Griffith here - independent and spirited but an old fashioned girl at heart. We like that.

"Song or Souvenir" follows a similar theme but the sound now is altogether more intimate fading in from somewhere at the back of a darkened room. You can just picture her singing this into a mirror. The song is a bit wistful, a bit remorseful and a bit bitter. A subtle performance with no added sugar that ends on an entirely suitable (musically) discordant note.

Released on split sided 12" single with Ali Whitton & the BrokeRecord Players on the other side by Louder Than Bombs Records, this was a very pleasing release that keeps returning to the Bluesbunny turntable and we look forward to hearing more from her.
Review Date: December 26 2007