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  Looks(ee) by Krestovsky

Looks(ee) cover art

Artist: Krestovsky
Title: Looks(ee)
Catalogue Number: Well-Dressed Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

By day, Krestovsky is a parole officer. In his spare time he records music and this album is the result. The Bluesbunny ears are open to all kinds of everything so we took a listen - in fact, several listens and here follows our judgement.

Maybe hanging with delinquents gets to a man and twists his perceptions. Accordingly, this album starts bleakly and, indeed, a certain hopelessness pervades the album (in a fighting a losing battle kind of way). Not that it is depressing as it manages to retain a certain warmth and downbeat charm that is actually reinforced by the lo-fi recording. "My Wildest Dreams" sounds like a conventional seventies country rock song resprayed in the darkest urban colours. "R U Weak Enuf 2 B My Girl" has some really weird lyrics. Bluesbunny thinks it might be a love song (of sorts) but it catches you every time and makes you pause for thought. Sonically, it reminded us of the gothic underworld brought to us by Rev Bob & the Darkness. Things take what might be classed as a hippie turn with "My Death" before we run into the album's highlight "Acre". The dangers of being your father's son are made abundantly clear with this one. It just exudes emotion and frustration and would make a good hymn for the congregation of lost souls in our society.

It is foggy, psychedelic world that Krestovsky's music evokes. Nothing is clear. His lyrics dance about in your head leaving you wondering what he means exactly and there is that spiritual darkness to consider too. All in all, this was a hard album to rate. Not easy to listen to and probably dangerous if your head is in the wrong place at the time, this album has much merit and we found ourselves playing it again just to see if we could make more sense of the message that it contains. You can't ask for more than that. Available as part of a split CD (with The Agrarians, "This Psychedelik Wilderness" from Well Dressed Records.
Review Date: January 7 2008