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  Sidesaddle Sweet Talk by Shitting Glitter

Sidesaddle Sweet Talk  cover art

Artist: Shitting Glitter
Title: Sidesaddle Sweet Talk
Catalogue Number: Decadrisco Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Even here at the home of the eclectic we were taken aback by this one. Think of John Waters at his excessive best put to the music of Giorgio Moroder and you have the less than subtly named Shitting Glitter.  This band can be rude, crude and certainly not for prudes.  And frankly we approve whole heartedly.

"Slut Buffet" is the centerpiece of this seven track EP, although with three versions they are perhaps being a touch over indulgent even if it is easily the best track on the CD.  The "Solar City Slutty Radio Edit" is our favourite version and one that can challenge even the late lamented Divine for the title of crown prince (or should that be princess!) of over the top bad taste Europop style synth-music.  You will catch yourself humming along to it, so infectious is the rhythm.  We do however advise against singing it aloud at work - you are liable to be sacked as it is likely to offend everyone.  "Mustache Rides 5 Cents" is the other standout track - another piece of hi-energy 'trash' that you just can't help but like.

The only thing that's stopping "Slut Buffet" becoming a deserved hit is the title, and perhaps the lyrics… actually the band's name probably is helping either!  Nevertheless this is CD is outrageous fun.  So play it to your friends but just don't stand too close otherwise you'll end up with bruised toes as their jaws hit the ground. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: January 7 2008