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  This Psychedelik Wilderness by The Agrarians

This Psychedelik Wilderness cover art

Artist: The Agrarians
Title: This Psychedelik Wilderness
Catalogue Number: Well Dressed Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Extra, Extra! Read all about it. More musical weirdness from Baltimore, Maryland in the lo-fi splendour supplied by The Agrarians. Possibly the most accurately titled album that we have encountered, "This Psychedlik Wilderness" is a deranged, wandering convoy of songs.

Powered by a cheap drum machine, all expense has no doubt been spared in the production of this record. It is about as close to unpolished as you can get in these technology obsessed days. The opening song "It's Been Missing Fates We're Kissing" makes the best use of limited resources with the swirling guitars making more sense than the lyrics. "Camouflaging the Seasons" similarly takes on a time travel back to the sixties and psychedelia. At least they have a sense of humour as evidenced by the twisted "I Can't Explain" featuring a female vocal where you might expect (God forbid!) a rapper. Things get all harmonious - in a vaguely unsettling way as the song just stops dead - with "For What? Only Death!". "A Baby for We" is actually hummable and would be just dandy on one of those 45rpm single things that music used to come on. Once more the best has been saved to last with the wondrous, almost Beefheartian "Uncle Doggie". Again, the lyrics are obscure but this one hits you square in the chest and that will do nicely!

This album makes you wonder if hippies are actually extinct. The lyrics are a poetry of sorts and do successfully evoke feelings and images instead of going down the normal route of making sense but The Agrarians, on the whole, seem just seem a bit too laid back to get a firm hold of your attention. Maybe they just need to get a bit more upset/angry/anguished about life (like Manchester's Lonelady for example). Available as part of a split CD with Krestovsky's Looks(ee) album from Well Dressed Records.
Review Date: January 7 2008