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  Hot Dawg! by Naked & Shameless

Hot Dawg! cover art

Artist: Naked & Shameless
Title: Hot Dawg!
Catalogue Number: Atomic Mouse Recordings
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

Can the Bluesbunny get enough of our beloved Buck and Dave (aka Naked & Shameless)? They live the kind of life that the great Mojo Nixon would approve of. Political correctness and sensitivity to other human beings (and aliens) just does not get a look in.

This album is basically a cautionary tale about alien encounters and why you should not have them in Trailer Park USA. Accordingly, we get a story interspersed with musical accompaniment. Yes folks, this is practically a talking book. It might even be educational (if not especially moral) in its own special way. An illustration of the benefits of education to the common man, that kind of thing. Anyway, as you might expect, Buck and Dave maintain the high standards that we have come to expect of them. Using only large quantities of beer, they somehow manage to triumph over adversity whilst entertaining us with some witty debauchery disguised as songs. Take the grungy "Mowing the Lawn!" for example. We will pretend that we are a family publication so that we don't have to tell you what Buck intends to shave with his razor.  "Four Food Groups" is inspirational and shows us that these upstanding citizens are true worshippers of Mojo Nixon. Bluesbunny had never considered that there was such a thing a too much sausage but now there is a song about it - the "Wiener Song". Well, one thing is for certain - if any alien listens to this then they will stay well away from Planet Earth unless they want to end up on the barbecue!

If you are in the right mood (and we are most of the time) then you might well injure yourself listening to this album. It's that funny and if you don't think it is funny then have a few beers and try again. Or maybe it's a guy thing. Or it might just have been the sticker of a piece of steak that we found inside the CD inlay. Pure genius (and pass the alien)!
Review Date: January 8 2008