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  Acoustika Vol. 5 by Various Artists

Acoustika Vol. 5 cover art

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Acoustika Vol. 5
Catalogue Number: 272 Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

We don't normally review compilations here at Bluesbunny Towers. Too many musicians in too little space often leads to aural dissatisfaction and a lack of opportunity for rambling and misuse of language. However, compilations are sometimes the only way for the aspiring musician to get some exposure. So, we did the decent thing and poured ourselves a beer then stuck this 19 track compilation from Hollywood's 272 Records into the trusty CD player and pressed the play button.

Clare Love - "Ego Blast" -Hails from the Yukon but deliver a confident, big city meets folk pop song.
Sofia Solaz - "The Line" - haunting, dark, lonely yet very, very human. A highlight of this compilation.
Alex Amsterdam - "Some Kind of Bliss" - Energetic acoustic pop with a nicely sarcastic edge to the lyrics.
Suddenfall - "Here She Comes" - From Germany but with a very transatlantic and commercial approach to their music.
TPS - "Wheels in Motion" - Simple, well constructed, mid paced song that would do the business very nicely for one of those boy band things (not actually a criticism even though it might sound like one).
Peter Finc - "Welcome" - Catchy pop song. Classy and tasteful too. Nice one.
Jason McIver - "In Time" - Anguished indie pop done New Zealand style. Distinguished by some very interesting electric guitar work swirling back in the mix.
Captain Howdie - "Sinful" - A perfect pop song performed perfectly. Nuff said.
Delours with Kristina Myles - "Sense of Purpose" - Kind of a late sixties' Scott Walker feel to this one. Groovy, baby!
I Met Violet - "Asleep" - Convincing folk rock song with an appropriate sense of drama to it.
Odity Twist - "Strange" - Pleasingly warm and fuzzy song with a proper arrangement (not actually that common these days). Patrick Moore's voice soothes the troubled soul.
John Elliot - "The Caper" - Neat harmonies counterpoint the aggressive acoustic guitar. Liked this one too.
Rhythm and the Sea - "So Can I Call" - Sounds like the soundtrack to walking the empty streets of a big city at night. Atmospheric.
Mondo - "Just For A Moment" - Open and expansive Scandinavian acoustic pop. It won't replace beer in our affections but definitely worth hearing.
Claire Blundell - "Love Lost" - She has a strong voice that works hard for the money even if the song seems too small to contain it.
17F -"Memory" - There is an understated drama to this song that is served well by the production. There is more to Switzerland than watches obviously.
Renee Stevense - "Velvet Underground" - The melodramatic popular song is alive and well. Just a bit left of centre and none the worse for that.
Beyond The Fields - "The Artist's Song" - A quality song and performance from this Swiss band with an unexpected celtic feel to it.
Iris - "Infatuation" - Now this song was a bit unusual. It started off with a bit of jazz style scatting before veering off into a dark, reflective and sometimes discordant torch song. Interesting in an art house kind of way.

It is difficult to rate a compilation like this as it is unlikely that anyone would like all or even most of the songs on it. Since we are in the reviewing business, we will, of course, pick our favourites. Tying for top honours were Captain Howdie's "Sinful" and Sofia Solaz's "The Line". Honourable mentions go to Renee Stevense, Iris, Peter Finc and John Elliot.
Review Date: January 8 2008