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  The Royal We by The Royal We

The Royal We cover art

Artist: The Royal We
Title: The Royal We
Catalogue Number: Geographic GEOG31CD
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

There is a lot of that indie pop stuff to be found in the metropolitan paradise that is Glasgow these days. If they are not getting chart success then at least they can be assured of a decent cult following amongst the civilised denizens of that fine city. Anyway, the word on the street was that this self titled album from The Royal We was their best yet.

Sure enough, the album kicks off with "Back and Forth Forever". Delightfully twee, it even features a ukulele leading us to think that we are in danger of a sugar overload but no. The volume gets turned right up for "All the Rage" and the air crackles to a perfect mix of Franz Ferdinand meets the Go-Gos. "That Ain't My Sweet Love" spits snarls and swirls. We are fond of our alliteration but this is truly a quality song with a fine twisted touch of melodrama to it.  Perhaps there is a bit of rock & roll in them, however. "Willy" would appear to be a standard boy meets girl song but it does contain the line "… drinking milk and you're not embarrassed". Maybe this band could be a bit dangerous. Perhaps they even have an alter ego that likes bondage. All too soon, the album ends with a rather polite cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game". Way back when (Bluesbunny is very old …) there was this band called the Waitresses who had some minor success but are fondly remembered by all lovers of intelligent and darkly humorous pop music and it looks like The Royal We have now joined that club.

An infectiously enjoyable album that should appeal to their loyal fans (and there would seem to be quite a lot of them!). Despite the presence of some rather fine vocal arrangements, we have to say that, overall, it was a bit too Ovaltine for the Bluesbunny's decadent tastes but, as they say, 10,000 hamsters can't be wrong.
Review Date: January 10 2008