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  Bodyshop by Atomic Bitch

Bodyshop cover art

Artist: Atomic Bitch
Title: Bodyshop
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

One of the most impressive - or perhaps annoying - things about getting old is that you get to see everything again. Atomic Bitch could just have stepped up and played at CBGBs or the Roxy judging by the evidence of this album. The drummer, Brad D., keeps a Marky Ramone style, pile driving rhythm going throughout the album and lead singer Ursulla's vocals are Patti Smith meets the Go-Gos.

Kicking off with the scene setter "Shortbus", it is immediately clear that this band have learned much from the punk heritage. "Mono to Stereo" and "Polly Punkneck" are neat, commercial pop songs in a brightly coloured, punk wrapper. "Goobertron" is irritatingly catchy and so is "Hip to the Kiss". "Creepy Face" sounded like a cranked up take on the kind of songs produced by the likes of Vanity in the eighties. Sassy, but sweet natured, we felt an uncontrollable urge to smile while we were listening to this album.

We really liked this album. It could have jumped straight out of a seventies punk time warp but it is a very good example of its genre and bears up well to repeated plays. The songs hang about in your head long after the CD has stopped and that is always a good sign. Like we said, there are plenty of radio friendly pop songs on display. That will do nicely, as they say!

Available from CD Baby. And whilst we remember, this album is best played loud.
Review Date: June 23 2007