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  Smash Hits b/w So Close to Beautiful by Kid Canaveral

Smash Hits b/w So Close to Beautiful cover art

Artist: Kid Canaveral
Title: Smash Hits b/w So Close to Beautiful
Catalogue Number: Straight To Video STV001
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Back in the land of vinyl once more with Edinburgh band Kid Canaveral and their single "Smash Hits". Here the band addresses the trials and tribulations of true love. You find what you think might be the girl of your dreams but she turns out to have abysmal taste in music. How can a boy possibly introduce a girl with such a serious defect to his friends? It is an age old problem to which the wise know there is no solution. The male of the species is simple not designed to accept the merits of McFly.

Name checking well known Glasgow live venue the 13th Note before the end of the first verse, Kid Canaveral are a bit of the Proclaimers mixed up with the indie sensibilities of the Housemartins. You know the kind of thing - busy drums, jangly guitar and a dry vocal delivery. It works pretty well here and we had no difficulty singing along (and that is the best test of a single). The lyric show a deft touch and you might well guess how it all ends.

On the flipside is more of the same in "So Close to Beautiful". It is good to note that the 45rpm single continues to survive in these digital download times. God, I love vinyl!
Review Date: January 10 2008