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  5 Days in Orbit by Minor Broadcast

5 Days in Orbit cover art

Artist: Minor Broadcast
Title: 5 Days in Orbit
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

We like first releases at Bluesbunny Towers. There is a certain innocence to first releases. Budget - or lack of it - might get in the way, of course, but you generally get the closest you will ever get to a band's natural sound. "5 Days in Orbit" from Seattle based band Minor Broadcast is a very respectable example of this.

Scott Steele takes a lot of the load on himself handling vocal duties along with guitar, bass and harmonica. That is a lot of responsibility but he can handle it. Ably supported by Jason Jacobs on drums and Ciri Ryan on backing vocals, the garage sound gets updated for the 21st century. It also has to be said that the lyrical exploits of this band show a notable literacy throughout this album. Almost psychedelic at times ("As the Last Tune Folds") words get used properly here. These are indeed lyrics worth listening too with plenty of space for interpretation. They make bands like Green Day seem shallow but they can still crank out the grunge with the best of them ("The Circle of Things"). "Bipolar Episodes" is pretty much a walk on the wild side whilst "Noise Whip Dream" is a race up the freeway of life. Stylistically, this band refuse to be tied down with the closing track "A Crow" feeling more like a detour down a quiet country road than anything else.

There is a good fresh feel to these recordings. Note that - its not stale, its not past its sell by date like so much music these days, it's fresh and Minor Broadcast do sound like a band that likes doing what they are doing and would do it regardless of the possibility for fame and fortune. It isn't perfect but if you like spotting bands with the potential to cross over to greater things (and we do) then it would certainly be worth your time (and money) to take a listen to this album. Certainly a thumbs up from this reviewer anyway. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: January 15 2008