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  27 EP by Doll's House

27 EP cover art

Artist: Doll's House
Title: 27 EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Pop songs should be nice simple things - verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, chorus and onwards up the road to happiness.  The style might change with time but the need for music that kicks its way out of the car radio will always be there and Doll's House seem to have realised that.

There are 4 tracks on this EP. Are any of them ballads? Hell, no! Well, almost. "6 Feet Down" starts out sensitively before getting back on the stadium filling route. The drums rattle the room, the guitars cut through the songs like a knife and the Camilla Romestrand's voice is the stuff of rawk chick dreams. "Girls & Boys" starts off with dramatically posturing vocals like Kate Bush in some alternate universe where she had never been to art school and then those guitars just slap you in the face. Stop dreaming and start listening, boy! Keeping it loud works just fine for this band so they give us some more in "London". Not exactly social commentary but definitely sharper than average lyrics. "Get a Grip" does seem rather targeted at the American market but again the lyrics rescue it from the oblivion of transatlantic mediocrity.

This EP is not their masterwork but if you like some loud, vaguely tacky pop music delivered with some not inconsiderable style (and the potential to fill the odd stadium) then you could do a lot worse than take a listen to Doll's House. Certainly the singles chart would be a better place with them in it. Is there still such a thing as a singles chart?
Review Date: January 20 2008