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  Wheelpusher b/w Artic Swing by Anni Rossi

Wheelpusher b/w Artic Swing cover art

Artist: Anni Rossi
Title: Wheelpusher b/w Artic Swing
Catalogue Number: Too Pure Pure 214S
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Released as part of the ongoing Too Pure Singles Club on vinyl, this is another enjoyable release featuring Anni Rossi and her viola.

Let's take a listen to "Wheelpusher" first - Ms Rossi's voice sounds girly and innocent but also real smart. Sort of like the intelligent girl at school that you really fancied but peer pressure made you chase cheerleaders instead. The lyrics are quirky -"…Impulses, impulses from a machine", for example. Then there are those wondrous tempo changes and some highly skilled and indeed affecting picking on a viola (and why not?). Ok, we had to go look up what a viola was but it works just fine here. And then it's all over. Two thumbs up to that one

On the 'B' side we find a song called "Artic Swing" - what do these musician type people drink/take? Hitting us with lyrics like "To be a beekeeper's daughter in the Himalyas…" is scary. Once more there is a touch of anguish in the voice and some bizarre multi tempo picking on that viola. You just can't go wrong with that. Bet there was some classical training in her past. Love me, love my dog or to put it another way - Bluesbunny likes this one too.

Delightfully offbeat and cuter than a bunny rabbit, even the grumpiest Bluesbunny took these songs to his heart.
Review Date: January 25 2008