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  Telephone b/w With You by The Retrosexuals

Telephone b/w With You cover art

Artist: The Retrosexuals
Title: Telephone b/w With You
Catalogue Number: RTS001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Once more into the Vinyl Vault, dear readers. What shall it be this time? Red vinyl should do the trick. Describing themselves as a tragi-funk electrorock trio, Glasgow threesome (good word - wonder what it means…) The Retrosexuals bring back that eighties synth groove

"Telephone" surges and pounds your sensibilities as the 'A' side. There is a simple robotic charm and the beat pulses through your veins. The vocals are processed more than that square cheese you find in cheap salad rolls but, by Thor's hammer, you can dance to it. Even though it was released in 2006, it must have escaped in a time machine some twenty years ago. It is probably some sort of magic but this songs works as well as it would have done back then.  Fire up the strobe lights, turn up the volume and back in time we go.

With You is more of the same. It does not quite get inside your head as "Telephone" does but there a haunting quality to the vocals that makes them sound like you are in some subterranean club. Back to the eighties once more.
Review Date: January 25 2008