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  Power of One by Lindy Dobbins & the Red Velvet Manx

Power of One cover art

Artist: Lindy Dobbins & the Red Velvet Manx
Title: Power of One
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Hailing from North Carolina, Lindy Dobbins & the Red Velvet Manx bring us three tracks of indie rock with the "Power of One "EP.

Taking the title track "Power of One" first, first impressions are somewhat conflicting. Ms Dobbins has a fine voice but it more of a rock voice whilst the arrangement is more sort of swirling and folksy. A decent enough song but it does not really shine. "Careless Love" is rather more straightforward with something of a new country feel to it. It is a good commercial song that gels together well and quickly gets you humming along. Perfect radio fodder in other words.  The last track on this EP is the atmospheric "Elixir". It is a story of the urban nightmare that so many live and is the standout track of this EP. Getting dragged into the groove of this song is going to happen to you as we follow the stories of the protagonists. Pure class.

Lindy Dobbins handles herself well here on what we assume is her debut release and the production and arrangements show that a lot of care and attention has gone into getting the message across. Although the three tracks on this EP do seem to be pointing in different directions, it will be interesting to see how this band develops over the course of a full album. In the meantime, this EP can be obtained from CD Baby.
Review Date: January 28 2008