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  Heatseeker b/w Falling Star (Live) by The Hedrons

Heatseeker b/w Falling Star (Live) cover art

Artist: The Hedrons
Title: Heatseeker b/w Falling Star (Live)
Catalogue Number: Measured Records MR HEDRON 45S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

That's the thing about CDs - they are just not tactile. They are a bit on the sterile side. Very shiny and all that but even with a scabby attempt at printing upon the label side you just don't get that sensation that vinyl gives you. Don't even start us on the general squalidness of mp3s. The subject of this review, "Heat Seeker" from Glasgow band The Hedrons, comes in the gaudiest orange vinyl that you have ever seen. Hoorah!

"Heatseeker" doesn't waste time. It just hits you in the way that properly stroppy pop songs should. Guitar led, it pounds into you from the word go and it got one helluva chorus. Cutting through the rain and general misery of a January in Scotland, it lifts your spirits. Hell, it could even be an alternative therapy for depression. One spin and you are strutting about the room singing along and doing some seriously embarrassing air guitar.  Even digital purity could not contain this song. Its natural home is on a 45rpm piece of vinyl.

The 'B' side, "Falling Star", is an angry bit of punk flavoured pop recorded live, of course, and it proves that the Hedrons are no manufactured studio band. It is real. Drums thud, guitars screech and you just wish that you had been there on the night.

One day I will be old but not today. Definitely not today.
Review Date: February 1 2008