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  Stop and Remember b/w Babe, Don’t You Go by The Immediate

Stop and Remember b/w Babe, Don’t You Go cover art

Artist: The Immediate
Title: Stop and Remember b/w Babe, Don’t You Go
Catalogue Number: Fantastic Plastic FP7062
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Another prize from the vinyl vault was this 2004 release from The Immediate. The reason for our choice? Well it is on yellow vinyl and we are a bit low on yellow vinyl reviews and we certainly don't want to be accused of discrimination and although the band itself has split, this is also a pretty damn fine song that makes regular appearances on the trusty Bluesbunny turntable.

The Immediate were a four piece (Conor O'Brien, David Hedderman, Peter Toomey and Barra Heavey) from Dublin that had developed a sound that was a blend of indie pop and sixties psychedelic influences. Certainly a cut above the average lyrically, they had a lightness of touch musically that is not too often found these days.

And so to the music. "Stop and Remember" is definitely what was once classed as singles material. You can just see the fat cat marketing guy going "I think we can sell this!" The drums convincing drag you into the song after the guitars entrance you. It's got all you need of a good song. Like a chorus that you can sing along to and even a neat reprise ("…I would have what I want if I knew what it was"). The great thing about this song is that it gets angrier as it progresses. None of this easy way out repeating the chorus one more time stuff. "Stop and Remember" pushes all the way to the end and it just makes you want to pick up a guitar and join in.

"Babe Don't You Go" (on the 'B' side) is gentle, almost melancholic in its approach. Dreamlike in the way of popular music in more innocent times, the words swirl over a robotic beat to suitably theatrical effect.

The band is no more but the music lives on (which is just as it should be!).
Review Date: February 3 2008