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  Goes Like This by The Porktrashers

Goes Like This cover art

Artist: The Porktrashers
Title: Goes Like This
Catalogue Number: Gut Truck Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Ever have one of those days when you are hungry but don't know what it is that you want to eat? Likewise, the reviewer sometimes finds himself wanting to listen for pleasure but, due to the many musical options presented to him as part of his job, unable to actually figure out what he wants to hear. Fate then takes a part in the decision making process as a CD falls to the floor in front of him. The CD was "Goes Like This" by Canadian band, The Porktrashers.

A quick read at the sleeve shows the magic phrase "recorded in 4 fantastic days". Usually a good sign, as lack of time and budget will concentrate the better bands into focusing on the songs and that is exactly what has happened here. There are no complicated arrangements here but with 4 quality musicians you don't need them. These songs just get to you causing all sorts of side effects like singing along. "Consider It Done" impresses most with Elliot Smith's world weary vocals neatly counterpointing the jaunty melody but none of the songs disappoint. Don't mistake this for antiseptic rock music as - probably as a result of the limitations in studio time - there is a feeling of life and energy here. "Come On" provides another compelling reason to listen to this album. Again laidback in presentation, this song nonetheless captures your attention. If you want something more up-tempo then check out the rather humorous "Piggy Séance" or the vaguely punky (in the American sense) "Hello". "Deep End" takes us of into country rock territory in case our ears are getting bored. Sonically, we are talking guitar led power pop and entirely appropriate comparisons can be made to bands like Sloan. We can only hope that they enjoy similar success as I surely enjoyed this album. The sound was pretty damn good as well - produced but not polished if you follow our meaning - and we would love to hear them perform live.

This band have found a simple recipe for their music but it is a good, wholesome one and this album will provide long lasting listening pleasure. No problem with a recommendation. Absolutely no problem at all. Available from CD Baby amongst others
Review Date: February 5 2008