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  Far From Home by The Bowmans

Far From Home cover art

Artist: The Bowmans
Title: Far From Home
Catalogue Number: Mother West Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Summer's coming early this year and it's coming in the form of Brooklyn sister act The Bowmans. Sarah and Claire Bowman have created a delightful album of saccharine folk-pop. Perfect for ringing in those long, warm summer nights.

A good opener often heralds the coming of more of such a standard. "On The Road" offers just that; a blustery opener, combining heart-heavy lyrics with a trotting rhythm. The pace remains steady through "Make It Last", a soft-rock ditty showcasing the harmonising talents of the duo. This could possibly be the feel good album of the year. If you're not already convinced, "Digging for Gold", in its exotic indulgence, will have you reaching for the wine bottle and sitting in the warmth of the sunshine. Or wishing you were.

"Pick One Piece" sees the album take a sober turn, with the music verging on lullaby. Though not as cheery as the songs before it, a certain sweetness remains. The girls certainly aren't afraid to let their hair down either, as "You're Right" demonstrates. Led by a screeching guitar note, it wouldn't sound terribly out of place on a Joan Jett album.

An album with variety is always good, but The Bowmans truly excel in creating effervescent, summery melodies, fresh like the gentle summer breeze, and fitting clever, easy-going lyrics into the jigsaw. Don't be surprised to hear more of them. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: February 15 2008