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  Matches EP by The Motifs

Matches EP cover art

Artist: The Motifs
Title: Matches EP
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop! 010
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

The Motifs are from Australia and can certainly be classed as polite and well brought up. After the first song you just know that these are clean living girls and boys who wash their hands after they have gone to the toilet.

"Your's and Mine" turned out to be a wee sweetheart of a song with a sixties' Francoise Hardy feel to it. The band have even managed to find a cute drum machine and use it to drive "For a Clear Day" along and we have to say that it is soothing in a way that only bubble bath can match. The title track, "Matches", offsets the sweetness with some sharp lyrics but still manages to cuddle us with some of the gentlest harmonies ever. The Motifs don't go in for wasting time either with the closing track, "That Side", lasting a mere 1 minute and 8 seconds but that is all it takes too warm your heart. It is all very calming stuff - in milk chocolate way rather than a Prozac way - and proved easy on the ear.

This 6 track release fits in perfectly with the summery, indie pop that we have come to expect from Wee Pop! Records. Immaculately packaged as always, it was just too nice to work its way into our hard drinking affections. Fans of the genre will, however, be very happy with it.
Review Date: February 11 2008