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  The Punisher of IV30 by Cuddly Shark

The Punisher of IV30 cover art

Artist: Cuddly Shark
Title: The Punisher of IV30
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM02V
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

It doesn't matter how far you are away from where it's happening (Cuddly Shark are from Elgin, hence the IV30 postcode), you get the same influences as the big city bands. So here we have a deranged bit of indie rock called "The Punisher of IV30". All the good stuff is here - half shouted vocals and power chords - and the band seem determined to get your attention with this one. Curiously though, it seems rather dated but it sure did shake the room.

"Hails of Bay" goes a bit weird in the vocal department making you think that David Byrne had decided to enjoy the fresh air of the North of Scotland whilst convincing himself that he is spiritually in Tennessee and thus has to affect a suitable accent to fit in. The lyrics have a Beefheartian insanity unless you have spent time in the company of a roadie and then they will make perfect sense. It's oddball but it really works.

"Jamie Foxx on Later with Jools Holland" is an angry 52 second rant apparently aimed at self indulgence. Well, at least it does not overstay its welcome…

So there you go. More than a bit of individuality is on show and that bodes well for their future.
Review Date: February 14 2008