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  Born a Boy b/w Telescopes by Operahouse

Born a Boy b/w Telescopes cover art

Artist: Operahouse
Title: Born a Boy b/w Telescopes
Catalogue Number: Marrakesh Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

The Bluesbunny loves his vinyl. There is indeed something special about that seven inch piece of plastic that just enhances the music. Operahouse are a four piece band from London making a sterling effort to stand out from the indie crowd. Having heard them live recently in Glasgow, it seemed only fair to give them a further shot at tickling our ears.

First impressions are positive as the red vinyl gets up to speed on the Bluesbunny turntable. Alex Kaines' raw edged but tightly controlled guitar gives this song its edge bringing back fond memories of the punk era. It is a neat little song, if a little generic, that does not waste our time at only 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

"Telescopes" proves to be a real delight and is a lot better than you would expect of the "B" side of a single these days. Johnny Lloyd's voice gets a lot more room to breath for a start, the lyrics show an unexpected maturity and the band put their individual sonic stamp on the proceedings with - yet again - some very effective guitar work. All through the history of recorded music, the really good stuff gets passed by as no one remembered to play the other side of the single. Don't let "Telescopes" pass you by.
Review Date: February 14 2008