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  Mr Bear b/w Swimmers, Drifters by Ray Rumours/François

Mr Bear b/w Swimmers, Drifters cover art

Artist: Ray Rumours/François
Title: Mr Bear b/w Swimmers, Drifters
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Here we have another release from the Too Pure Records Singles Club featuring "Mr Bear" from Ray Rumours and "Swimmers, Drifters" from François. It is on vinyl and this is the Vinyl Vault so everything appears to be in order so far.

Let take a shot at Ray Rumour's "Mr Bear" first. This song is so very delicate and civilised. In fact, it has got that whole cute thing going for it. Now as to what it is all about and who Mr Bear is? Well, it is probably allegorical but it might equally just be about a teddy bear. Not rock 'n' roll then but a fey, acoustic delight, all harmonious and sweet. It almost seems too gentle to be a real song.

Sharing this single is François with "Swimmers, Drifters". This sounds altogether more muscular with a nice bit of that mean and moody attitude on show. We reckon François might even have smoked a cigarette in his time. The song itself is somewhat ethereal with a haunting quality. It might have been the accent but it also seems more than a bit classy and the more the Bluesbunny listened, the more the Bluesbunny liked it.

Both these songs take a bit of time to grow on you but that is what they surely will do. Having said that, we would still demand protection money from Ray Rumours so that we could hang out with François and meet the artistic posh girls that he would know
Review Date: February 16 2008