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  Hairy Cornflake EP by Clinker

Hairy Cornflake EP cover art

Artist: Clinker
Title: Hairy Cornflake EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Well it's free and you should not turn away from stuff that is free. It's that whole not looking a gift horse in the mouth thing. Vets probably do that kind of thing all the time (or maybe they do look a gift horse in the mouth as part of their job description…) but Bluesbunnies just take what is available. In this case, it was a download only EP called "Hairy Cornflake" from a London band called Clinker.

The cover made a good impression even if it did remind this Bluesbunny of his Uncle Eddie (now resting at one of Her Majesty's hotels after an abortive attempt to rob a post office whilst disguised as a french maid). You also get four songs for no money (which can't be bad) - one original and three inspired covers. Let's take the original first. "You Just Are" is a quirky little number. Oddly enough, it also seemed reminiscent of George Harrison's hippy type music from the seventies with the chorus being more of a chant. No complaints so far then. Moving on to the covers, we get a Kinks like version of Syd Barrett's "No Good Trying" with some added cheesy synths and a vaguely camp showtune take on Tom Waits' "I'll Shoot the Moon". Drama abounds on the cover of "Story of an Artist" and the song comes across like it should be on a stage as part of some musical extravaganza or other.

Bluesbunny has never been on an ocean cruise mainly due to spending too much cash on beer. However, Bluesbunny can imagine stopping off in a Caribbean paradise and going into a quayside bar. There's a piano player there who for a dollar will play any song you like. You request a few of your favourite songs and they sound like the songs on this EP. Sort of off key, sort of camp but memorable nonetheless. Perhaps not essential but worth having. Available from the band's website.
Review Date: February 17 2008